This is the Killer Ad you need to get clients on Facebook groups, etc.

This ad has been killing it for me in getting coaching clients on Facebook groups. Might work on other places such as Craigslist, forums (where ads are permitted), etc.

I’m not sure if it’s the ad or the targeting (as described in my previous post about FB groups) that works so well… maybe both. Bottom line, it works!

Here’s the ad:

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Are you struggling to get freelance clients? Do you have a business that is going nowhere? Read this.

I’m an experienced freelancer (Top Rated Freelancer in Upwork on 2015) & entrepreneur with a proven methodology for getting & keeping clients.

For a limited time I’m offering *FREE coaching to freelancers (only 2 spots left), see here for details:

Please comment here or send me a message if you have any doubts.


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This ad follows the AIDA copy writing formula pretty much to the letter… I’ll expand on this later.

Note the copy on the landing page, it spells very clearly how to sign up as a client.

Also note where it says “only 2 spots left”… this helps create urgency and drive people to action… but please make sure this is the real number of how many more clients you can currently take in. No point in deceiving people…

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If you need help with your freelancing or business, I’m offering FREE* coaching. I was awarded Top Rated Freelancer status on the Upwork freelancing platform in 2015. Let me teach you everything I know about freelancing & business building, learn my proven methodology for getting & keeping clients, step-by-step with personalized advice. Click here for more details.