Facebook groups hacks for getting clients

I think I’m really getting traction with FB groups in getting clients for my coaching business. This is my general approach:


  1. I join as many FB groups as I can in my target market (freelancers), focusing on the bigger ones (1,000+ members). The smaller ones might work too, but I haven’t tried this yet.
  2. I post an ad on each of these groups every day. Watch their policies, some are more strict than others and you have to be more subtle with your ads.
  3. I message everyone that comments or likes the ad and tell them more about how to sign up for a 1 week trial. It’s important to be careful to not do this too fast with too many people at a time, or you might get a warning from Facebook. Not everyone takes me up on the offer, but it’s a numbers game. In fact I have probably chatted with 100 or so people in the last few days, and managed to get 5 new clients.

Try this out and let me know how it goes!

— –

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