Why Trump Has NOT and Will NOT Change a THING in The World for You and Me

Do you ever feel like the world is going out of control? Like everything and everyone is just, you know, going crazy?

How did Trump get elected? Have the U.S. gone crazy?

Why are there riots happening across the U.S.? Have those who have been called the “alt-left” gone crazy? (it looks like there is an “alt-everything” now… at which point do we all become “alt” to some extent?)

How could this happen?

How did Fear win over rationality and common sense? How can a guy who can be baited with a tweet, as Obama said, be entrusted with Nuclear Weapons and be free to potentially destabilize whatever country in the Middle East or elsewhere he well damn pleases with his new “most powerful man on Earth” superpowers?

How did the UK decide (and then immediately regret) to practically single-handedly fracture the EU with their Brexit vote, against almost all sound economic and business reasoning, and instead choose Egoism?

Why did not a decent, honest and brilliant man such as Evan McMullin win the state of Utah, instead of a man who praises Putin and holds other dictators such as the genocidal Assad in great esteem?

How can Xenophobia, Racism, populism and sensationalist political Marketing heresies be exploited to such extent… that long-standing international trade and military agreements (such as NAFTA and NATO), that have helped build and keep relatively safe the world as we know it, be threatened to be “renegotiated” or dropped entirely because they’re not deemed “profitable” enough for the U.S., as if the world itself was nothing more than a giant corporation?

Don’t get me wrong, I think capitalism is the best (imperfect) economic system humanity has devised so far, and will defend that conviction until the last of my days, but I believe above that, we’re humans with hopes, dreams and love for each other. And that should include entire countries, by the way.

Fear, anger, anxiety, uncertainty… these words get tossed around the news, our conversations, the financial markets and wreak havoc inside our minds… like it’s the new normal. At times, it does make me think I might be going crazy, too, along with the rest of the world.

Here’s how we can cope with all the craziness

How can we cope with all this madness? How do we survive as a species before we insult, threaten, and kill each other until there is no one left?

I’m an entrepreneur, a Christian and a human being. If you’re reading this, unless you’re an alien, Skynet or the freaking Terminator (how close are we to creating them, anyways?), you probably fit into one or more of those categories. I don’t have all the answers, but this is what I think we can do.

Although it may look like everything has changed, nothing has really, until we allow it with our thoughts and actions.

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is what you can do from now on: you get up in the morning and work yourself to death every day. You eat, breathe & sleep “the hustle”. You don’t care what’s going on at the White House. You care about your customers and serve them with all your strength.

If you’re a Christian, this is what you can do from now on: you get up in the morning, pray and read your Bible. Then you go about your day loving your neighbor, telling them the truth of Jesus and doing Excellent, not average, work.

If you are a human being, this is what you can do from now on: you get up in the morning, kiss your loved ones and do whatever it is that you do, for them, with renewed passion and sacrifice.

We have more control than we realize

See, nothing has changed. We have control over this. And we’ll prevail, God willing. With good old hard work, willpower, guts, decency and respect for our fellow human beings, because we are in this planet and this time together, for better or worse.

We are better than whatever megalomaniac narcissist politician gets elected or whatever deluded terrorist or deranged rioter decides to do. Because we have the power to choose our fate, every single day.

It’s time to come alive, now. It’s time to love each other like never before. We are not waiting until a nuclear war, a terrorist or a rioter sends us to the Afterlife prematurely. And back to Trump… he has NOT and will NOT change a THING in the world for you and me. ‘Cause *WE *— ARE — THE — CHANGE

Let’s do this.

— –

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